Een Lepelbasser
  • The spoonbass
  • The Museum
     'De Muse' is the only Accordion- and Harmonica-Museum in the Netherlands.
    A various collection of instruments is permanently displayed here.
    Besides the accordions, melodeons, concertina's, bandonions and harmonica's
    there are shown several small reed-organs and barrel-organs.
    There is also a real Casali Cilinderpiano,automatic.
    Een Engelse Concertina
  • The English concertina
  • Harmonica's
    In 1998 the harmonicacollection has suddenly increased because of the collection of Art Daane, a skilled harmonicaplayer himself, whom due to his contacts throughout the world has received a lot of instruments from well-known artists. These instruments we have put together in a 'HALL OF FAME.'
    For example Jean-'Toots' Thielemans and the well-known Hotcha's are here and even Ronald Reagan, who was a enthusiast player too.
    At this moment we have about 900 harmonica's and we still find models we've never seen before!
    Een bandoneon
  • The bandoneon
  • The Foundation:
    The foundation "Friends of the Accordion and Harmonica Museum", aims for instance, to collect funds to keep the museum running and extend the collection. It also deployes activities to support the museum in all faccets.
    If you intend to become a donor to the foundation, or support the museum in any other way, we would appriciate that very much.